Refund and Returns Policy

From oils to plants and seeds, we have a wide catalog of natural remedies
for you. If you have doubts about shipments and returns, you have reached the indicated post.
Shipping and returns Mayacann.


Good news! If you are in Santurce, we are willing to make the emergency shipment
what you require You just have to send us an email or make a call
explaining to us what are the reasons for your emergency and then we will make the shipment.


If you have an online store, a physical store or handle large numbers of customers by
seasons and you are interested in buying in Mayacann, of course we have shipments
commercial. Commercial shipments are large shipments in record time, we know that.
important that you want to contact us for flexible shipping,
reliable and adapted to your business. If you are outside of Puerto Rico, we can also
include you in the list.


We like the classic style: that you come, visit us and buy in our physical store.
We are open during office hours and more than willing to help you choose the remedy,
learn how to use it and for how long.


Before any return, it is verified with the user that the remedy is in perfect condition.
condition. If after the verification process, at the time of use, there is any
irregularity of the type: allergy or some similar situation, a consensus is generated
with the client or user. Your money will be refunded or you will be given other options, for
➔ Return in percentage.
➔ Replacement of the remedy with the same active compound.
➔ Shipping cost refund (applies to emergency shipments)
If you have any questions about Mayacann shipments and returns, remember that
You can go to the contact section to make any inquiries and questions.