Legal Notice

In reference to the Puerto Rican laws for the protection of personal data of the
users, it should be noted that all information provided to Mayacann Center L.L.C is
fully guarded. Mayacann Center L.L.C is a medicine remedy company
operating in Puerto Rico, as such agrees to comply with all legal agreements that
is required in relation to the privacy of personal data of users.


In the following lines you will see reflected the identification data of the person in charge, useful when
time of an irregularity.
➔ Address: 348 Roberts Street Plaza del Mercado Santurce, Santurce, Puerto Rico.
➔ Contact phone: +1 787-942-1615.
➔ Email:


In Puerto Rico, Law #11 approved in 2005 and regulation #7376 DACO detail
explicitly: every citizen is protected under the protection of the law with respect to their
information entered on websites.

Mayacann Center L.L.C respects the law of information to the citizen about the security of
information banks manifest in law #11 and also respects regulation #7376
DACO. Any irregularity must be studied under the rigor of these laws in Puerto Rico,
after the judicial request of any client.


On the other hand, sales by Mayacann Center L.L.C happen under its own
responsibility. Each service and remedy is generated from terms and conditions
previously established.

The service or remedy is valid during the time it remains published on the site, if
the user claims in the non-existence of the remedy or service Mayacann Center L.L.C appeals
to the disclaimer, again, under the non-existence of the remedy or service.

Within this framework, indications will be provided on the availability of the remedies in
the time each order is processed.

If your purchase has been made by a third party, beyond his control, we will apply
back to Law #11 approved in 2005 and regulation #7376 DACO